EU - Qatar - Q&A (26 Oct. 2021)


Q : The signing of an air transport agreement between the EU and Qatar is arousing protests in France, especially among unions and professionals in this sector. Some of them have asked Paris not to ratify the agreement. But it seems as though it has already entered in force. Indeed, Brussels is explaining that given that the agreement’s ratification by all the parties will probably take years, the EU and Doha have decided that they will already apply the agreement “administratively,” between competent authorities, as soon as it is signed. Can you explain what it means to apply an agreement “administratively” and how this can be done legally ?

A : The agreement between the EU, its member states and Qatar is being applied provisionally by the EU and Qatar only to areas under the exclusive jurisdiction of the EU.

The agreement’s full entry in force is subject to ratification by all member states.