Ukraine – New Russian bombardments (23 November 2022)


France utterly condemns the massive bombardments Russia unleashed against Kyiv, Lviv and several other Ukrainian cities on 23 November. Once again, these strikes have deliberately targeted energy infrastructure, causing cuts to power, heating and Internet access. They have also led to significant disruption to the electricity supply in neighbouring Moldova. Russia has also intentionally damaged electricity supply networks which help ensure the safety of several critical infrastructures on Ukrainian territory.

The bombardments, aimed at no military target, have claimed the lives of new victims and caused the destruction of a large amount of essential civilian infrastructure. This systematic targeting of the population as winter approaches reflects Russia’s clear determination to make the Ukrainian people suffer and deprive them of water, heating and electricity in order to weaken their resilience.

These acts clearly constitute war crimes.

Russia’s raising of the stakes and deliberate increase in atrocities in no way weaken France’s resolve to support Ukraine and fight impunity. It will remain mobilized to ensure that every violation of international law and every war crime can be referred to the courts so that the perpetrators can be held to account.

France stands at Ukraine’s side and will continue to do so, as it repeated at the United Nations Security Council on 23 November, during an exceptional meeting requested by Ukraine, with the participation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.