Ukraine – Meeting of French civil society organizations on Ukraine (8 December 2022)


In the run-up to the December 13th international conference on civilian resilience in Ukraine, organized jointly by France and Ukraine, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna will convene a meeting of French civil-society stakeholders (representatives of local governments, NGOs and corporate foundations) that have shown exceptional solidarity in providing assistance to the Ukrainian people, who have suffered from the war in their country.

Through the Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, France has carried out some 40 solidarity-based logistical operations since the beginning of the Russian aggression. Thanks to essential contributions from civil society organizations, more than 2,600 tons of goods and equipment were shipped to Ukraine: generators, emergency shelters, medical supplies, firetrucks and ambulances, prefabricated bridges and food supplies.

At this meeting, the minister will hail the contributions of more than 1,700 local governments to the Local Government External Action Fund (FACECO) established by the CDCS and the work carried out by humanitarian NGOs, foundations and local civil society organizations. They raised €31 million to support 18 humanitarian NGOs and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which are helping to meet the essential needs of displaced Ukrainians and refugees in the areas of healthcare, food, aid to displaced persons, continuing access to education, the fight against impunity and humanitarian mine action.