Ukraine – Conversation between the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Dmytro Kuleba (31 Mar. 2022)


The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs spoke today with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba.

The two ministers reviewed the status of talks between Ukraine and Russia to end the conflict sparked by Russia on February 24. The Minister expressed his full support for the Ukrainian authorities in this context and underscored our strong demands with regard to the rapid establishment of a full ceasefire and total respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and security. France’s full support for Ukraine in all its forms and the strategy of economic pressure on Russia will continue and be expanded as long as Russia’s war of aggression continues. The minister also discussed with his counterpart the drastic humanitarian situation in cities indiscriminately targeted by Russian forces, and particularly Mariupol, and pointed to the assistance that France has provided to the Ukrainian people.

The two ministers agreed to remain in close contact in the coming days.