Support for the media and journalists in the context of the war in Ukraine - (05 May 2022)


The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture welcome the initiative by French media organizations and journalism training centres to support Ukrainian and Russian journalists and media organizations prevented from doing their jobs and forced to leave their countries by the war Russia is waging on Ukraine. The commitment of French media players testifies to their professional solidarity, their desire to defend freedom of information and their contribution to the fight against disinformation.

In the framework of its support fund for welcoming artists and culture and media professionals affected by the war in Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture is supporting the Maison des journalistes in establishing a platform dedicated to journalists and their families: ukraine at

This address allows them to be directed to offers of accommodation, available studios and equipment, training and support in terms of media placements.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs supports the steps taken by journalists in exile who would like France to take them in and the actions of the French Media Development Agency (CFI) in Europe to welcome these journalists and enable their news activities to continue, particularly within a hub being developed by France Médias Monde in Bucharest, attached to the editorial staff of RFI România.

France – which initiated the Information and Democracy Partnership in 2019, bringing together 45 States today – is deeply and resolutely committed to defending the freedom of the press, freedom of expression and the protection of journalists.