Annual consultations between French and Tajik Foreign Ministries (Paris and Duchanbe, 12 January 2021)


The fourth French-Tajik consultations were held via videoconference on Tuesday, 12 January 2021. The Deputy Continental Europe Director of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr Sylvain Guiaugué, and Ambassador Michel Tarran met with Mr Firdavs Usmonov, Europe and Americas Director of the Tajik Foreign Ministry.

Many bilateral issues such as developing trade and tourism, cultural and linguistic cooperation and the fight against terrorism were addressed, as well as multilateral and regional issues.

After a year of slower trade due to the health situation, these consultations were an opportunity to define the main lines of bilateral cooperation and set goals to be met by autumn 2021. France will host the exhibition planned for the Guimet Museum this autumn on “Tajikistan, the land of golden rivers”. This will mark an important step in our bilateral relations, in the cultural area as well as in other areas, thanks to political and economic meetings on this occasion.