Syria – Situation in eastern Ghouta (9 March 2018)


France condemns the continued intensification of the military offensive by the Syrian regime and its allies in eastern Ghouta, in blatant violation of UNSCR 2401, which demands an immediate cessation of hostilities throughout the Syrian territory.

The indiscriminate attacks by the regime have resulted in more than 800 civilian casualties since February 18. Medical personnel and facilities continue to be systematically targeted. A medical center near Douma supported by France was almost entirely destroyed by the bombing yesterday.

The only humanitarian convoy that managed to reach the area on March 5 was forced to cut its mission short. The convoy planned for yesterday was cancelled. The inhabitants of Ghouta, who have been under siege since 2013, have been denied the humanitarian assistance they need and the obligation to protect humanitarian actors under international humanitarian law is being constantly flouted.

In this context, France denounces once again these violations of international humanitarian law and reaffirms its call for Russia, which approved UNSCR 2401, to do everything possible to ensure that the violence ends as swiftly as possible, that the regime complies with its international obligations and that access for humanitarian convoys and emergency medical evacuations are immediately allowed.