Syria – Meeting of the Syria Recovery Trust Fund (Paris, 29-30 May 2018)


France is hosting the steering group meetings of the Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) from May 29 to 30. By financing the stabilization projects in the areas outside of the Damascus regime’s control and the territories liberated from Daesh, the SRTF is helping to respond to the substantial needs of the populations with respect to food security, water and sanitation, waste management, healthcare, electricity, agriculture and education and to strengthen a credible alternative governance to the Damascus regime. France has provided €20 million in funding to the SRTF since 2014.

Through its active involvement within the SRTF, France demonstrates its humanitarian commitment in Syria, one of the components of which is its contribution to this fund. During the Brussels II conference on the future of Syria and the region on April 25, France reaffirmed its constant support for the Syrian people and the countries which have mobilized to receive refugees by announcing more than €1 billion in grants (€250 million) and loans (€850 million) for the period 2018-2020.

The Brussels II announcement includes the €50 million emergency response program for Syria announced on April 16 by President Macon. This additional effort will focus this year on emergency and medium-term actions that will directly benefit the Syrian populations.

This will be primarily aimed at the populations in northeastern Syria, because the stabilization of this area, where needs are considerable, notably with respect to mine clearance, healthcare, access to water and the recovery of the agricultural sector and the economy, is a challenge that must be addressed in order to allow the return of the displaced populations, as well as the long-term defeat of terrorism.

It will also provide an opportunity to respond to the humanitarian needs of the populations of northeastern Syria, especially the populations in the governorates of Idlib and Afrin, facilitating in particular access to medical care and other basic services, notably for the displaced persons.

Through these efforts, France demonstrates its determination to stand alongside the entire Syrian population. France’s efforts are also focused on ways to achieve a political solution to the conflict, the only way to achieve sustainable peace in Syria, as provided for by UNSCR 2254.