Syria – Anniversary of the liberation of Raqqa (17 october 2018)


A year ago to the day, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the city of Raqqa with the support of the Global Coalition against Daesh, within which France played a key role.

This victory dealt a decisive blow to the terrorist organization Daesh, which had made the city an epicenter from which it launched numerous attacks abroad, including those that hit our country hard. France pays tribute to all those who made considerable sacrifices in this fight, especially our SDF partners. The liberation of Mosul on July 9, 2017, was another important step in the fight against Daesh.

For a year now, military action has continued to result in considerable success, thanks to the courage of the local forces, the resolute commitment of the coalition and, within it, of France thanks to our Operation Chammal forces. Operations are currently continuing in order to retake Daesh’s last strongholds in eastern Syria.

At the same time, France has mobilized €30 million since the liberation of Raqqa in support of humanitarian and stabilization projects in northeastern Syria. Between now and the end of 2018, France will continue to provide support to several large-scale projects in the region.

France’s assistance in northeastern Syria will first and foremost make it possible to:

  • carry out mine clearance activities,
  • guarantee food security and support local agriculture,
  • improve access to water
  • allow access to healthcare
  • support the work of NGOs and international organizations in the refugee camps established in the region.

As a result in particular of President Macron’s decision to provide exceptional funding of €50 million to Syrian civilians affected by the war, the amount of French aid devoted to the Syrian crisis has for the first time exceeded a total of €100 million.

Going forward, we will continue, together with our coalition partners, to support the return to normal life in these areas which we helped liberate.