Russia – Crackdown against the opposition (12 December 2022)


We deeply deplore the eight-and-a-half-year prison sentence handed down against opposition politician Ilya Yashin, who was arrested on June 28 and accused of disseminating “false information” about Russian army actions in Ukraine, as well as “incitement of hatred.”

We also denounce the increasingly harsh conditions in which opposition leader and anti-corruption activist Aleksei Navalny is being held. Mr. Navaly was placed in solidarity confinement on November 17. He is currently serving a prison sentence after being unjustly convicted – the European Court of Human Rights considers that he did not receive a fair trial. We are demanding the restoration of his right to receive visits from family members and loved ones.

France is very concerned by the Russian authorities’ crackdown against those who are criticizing the government and its war of aggression against Ukraine. We condemn the attacks on the freedom of expression and freedom of the press that have multiplied in recent months.

We call on the Russian authorities to respect human rights and fundamental liberties, to free all political prisoners and to drop the charges against them.