Interpol - Implementation of supervision measures against Russia (11 Mar. 2022)


France welcomes the decision taken by Interpol’s Executive Committee to implement heightened supervision and monitoring measures against Russia, as proposed by the organization’s Secretary General. This means that any use of its instruments by Russia, whether it be the use of communication channels, the diffusion of Red Notices or the addition of lost or stolen travel documents to the organization’s database, must first be reviewed for compliance by Interpol’s Secretary General. These enhanced supervision measures were essential given the many suspected cases of misuse seen in recent days. If they do reveal clear Russian abuses, they could lead to corrective measures, including suspending Russian access to Interpol’s systems.

As Interpol’s host country since the organization was founded, France is well aware of the importance of shielding international police cooperation from exploitation for political purposes in order to guarantee its ability to effectively combat terrorist and criminal networks. France is working vigilantly to ensure that all measures are taken to prevent Russia from diverting the organization’s instruments to aid its illegal and unjustifiable military aggression against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.