Nicaragua - Q&A from the press briefing (25 May 2021)


Q : The Nicaraguan police raided the offices of two opposition media outlets and briefly but forcefully detained journalists who were covering the police intervention, including an AFP cameraman. Did you lodge a protest with the Nicaraguan authorities against these attacks on the freedom of the press ?

A : We learned of the arbitrary arrest on May 21 of an Agence France Presse cameraman and other journalists. France strongly condemns these serious attacks on the freedom of the press and calls on Nicaragua to comply with its international commitments, particularly in the area of human rights. That is the message conveyed by our ambassador at our request.

France reaffirms its unwavering, resolute commitment to the freedom of the press, the freedom of expression and the protection of journalists and all those whose work contributes to free information and public debate worldwide. Free, independent, pluralistic media are vital to the proper functioning of our societies.

These violations come amid a worsening climate, while the implementation of a free, sincere, transparent election process ahead of the elections scheduled for November is the only way to resolve the political crisis in the long term. To that end, France supports the efforts made by the Organization of American States.