Italy – Conversation between Mme Catherine Colonna and her counterpart (3 June 2022)


The day after the Italian Republic’s National Day, Mme Colonna recalled the importance we attach to the Franco-Italian partnership, which is key to resolving the crises in Europe and the Mediterranean and essential for strengthening Europe’s sovereignty. She signalled our desire to continue our close bilateral cooperation, strengthened by the commitments made at the signing of the Quirinal Treaty on 26 November 2021.

The Minister emphasized the importance of our coordination in the support provided to Ukraine in the face of the Russian aggression, in every sphere. She welcomed the European Union’s official adoption of a sixth package of sanctions targeting Russia. The ministers talked about food security issues.

Mme Colonna and her counterpart reiterated their support for the Western Balkans to be more strongly anchored to Europe, and this will be the subject of discussions between heads of State and government on 23 June.

The two ministers discussed the crisis in Libya and the importance of preserving that country’s stability and swiftly organizing free, transparent presidential and legislative elections.