Israel/Palestinian Territories - France welcomes the ceasefire that came into force on 7 August (08 Aug. 2022)


France welcomes the ceasefire that came into force in the evening of 7 August thanks to Egypt’s mediation efforts, with the support of the United Nations and Qatar. It calls on all the parties to respect its full application in order to prevent another escalation and more civilian victims. France deplores the civilian casualties and expresses its sincere condolences to their families. It calls for access routes to Gaza to be kept open in the long term, in particular for humanitarian aid and fuel to be allowed to enter, and for the swift transfer of injured and sick people needing treatment.

There will be no lasting stability in Gaza without the lifting of the blockade, together with credible security guarantees for Israel. France is continuing its efforts, along with its European and regional partners, to restore political prospects with a view to a fair and lasting peace.