Palestinian Territories – Humanitarian aid for the Palestinian population (27 May 2021)


The director of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Center and the French Consul General in Jerusalem visited the Gaza Strip on May 27 to assess the humanitarian needs there. The visit is part of work to prepare a French commitment of several million euros aimed at addressing the most urgent humanitarian needs, in particular in the Gaza Strip. It will seek to address the needs of the most vulnerable families, support medical activities in Gaza, implement food aid projects and respond to the United Nations’ emergency humanitarian appeal. With a view to this, France will rely on French and international NGOs, the ICRC and the relevant United Nations agencies.

Finally, beyond the humanitarian emergency, it is essential that the cessation of hostilities in effect since May 21 should be made permanent through lasting arrangements and accompanied by a calming of tensions throughout the Palestinian Territories. Ultimately, the relaunch of a genuine political process, through realistic and concrete trust-building measures, is essential in order to prevent new cycles of violence. France is determined to play its full role in this.