Democratic Republic of the Congo – Deterioration of the situation in the east of the country (17 Jun. 2022)


France is concerned by the deterioration of the situation in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its implications for the entire region’s stability. We strongly condemn the activities and violence carried out by armed groups, in particular, the recent offensives by the March 23 Movement (M23). We also condemn the strikes that hit Rwanda. France calls on all of the armed groups, including the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), to cease all forms of violence, put down their weapons and withdraw from the areas that they currently occupy. France also calls for an end to the hate speech targeting communities and individuals.

France encourages countries in the region to continue pursuing dialogue and avoid any escalation. We stress that faced with the threat of persistent terrorist attacks by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), cooperation is imperative.

France expresses its support for the urgent resumption of the Nairobi Process, which began last April. France commends João Lourenço, President of the Republic of Angola, on his efforts, undertaken at the behest of the African Union, to mediate so that the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda can overcome tensions. We likewise encourage the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda to utilize the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM) of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.

France reiterates its deep commitment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity. We express our support for MONUSCO in the fight against armed groups and will continue to support all of the initiatives that promote peace and stability in the Great Lakes region.