Learning and teaching French

A vast network for learning and teaching French

The work of 900,000 French teachers is backed by Alliance Française schools and by the network of French cultural services and institutes abroad, which also offer a wide variety of French courses.

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French courses in a classroom
of the French school of
Bratislava, Slovakia
(Photo: MEAE / F. de La Mure)

Over 100 million young people are learning French/learning in French at schools and universities around the world. Primary and secondary education in French is delivered in primary, secondary and high schools approved by the French Ministry of Education, collectively known as the French international schools. There are 481 such schools in over 133 countries with a total of 310,000 pupils, over half of whom do not hold French nationality. These schools are managed by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and the Mission Laïque Française (MLF).

Another issue is promoting French in professional circles, under the heading of French for professional use (legal and scientific French, for example, or French for international relations, the hotel industry, etc.). Such specific language programmes are backed up by scientific exchanges and cooperation projects mounted by French embassies abroad and by the Minstry.

update : september 2012