France and Sudan


Visits to Paris: The most recent Sudanese ministerial visits to France were those of:

  • Minister Karti in January 2011, September 2011 and February 2013
  • Abdelmahmood Abdelhaleem, Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the Franco-Sudanese bilateral consultations of February 2014
  • Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al Karouri, Minister of Minerals, for the Franco-Sudanese economic meetings organized by MEDEF International in May 2015
  • Professor Musa Tibin Musa, Minister for Animal Resources at the International Agricultural Show in Paris in March 2016
  • Director General for Bilateral Affairs, Mr Mahmoud Hassan Al-Amin, during bilateral political consultations held in Paris in February 2017
  • Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Kamal Ismail Saeed, during the “Protecting Children from War” conference on 21 February 2017

The most recent ministerial meeting took place between the Minister of State for Development and Francophonie, Mr Jean-Marie Le Guen, and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr Kamal Ismail Saeed, alongside the Africa-France Summit in Bamako (13-14 January 2017).

Visits to Sudan:

  • Visit by Mr Rémy Rioux, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, for the Franco-Sudanese bilateral consultations in March 2015.

Economic relations

Sudan is France’s third-largest trade partner in East Africa, behind Kenya and Ethiopia. French companies are present mostly in the agricultural sector (gum arabic) and in the pharmaceutical, oil and logistics industries.

Economic relations between France and Sudan are constrained by American economic sanctions. These sanctions may be lifted in 2017, which could facilitate and enhance this trade.

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

In the areas of cultural cooperation and research, this relationship is particularly close, its main themes being academic and scientific cooperation, promoting the French language and permanently establishing the network.

Scientific cooperation has been ongoing for many years. It enjoys several areas of cooperation between Sudanese and French research institutes and universities, especially in the areas of agronomy, the creation of the Centre for Economic, Legal, and Social Study and Documentation (CEDEJ) in Khartoum in 1993, and the creation in 1969 of the French Section of the Sudanese Directorate of Antiquities (SFDAS), a French-Sudanese archaeological research institute.

Significant academic cooperation has been developed, and France is the leading destination for Sudanese students.

Finally, France has an active cultural and educational network in Sudan, first and foremost with the Institut français (French Institute) in Khartoum, but also with a network of Alliance française branches (Al-Ubayyid, Wad Madani and Port-Sudan) and Franco-Sudanese centres (Dalang, Rufaa and Nyala), as well as the French school in Khartoum.

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Updated: 26 May 2017