France-Singapore joint declaration to facilitate agri-food trade in times of COVID-19 pandemic


Singapore is a major strategic partner for France in the Indo-Pacific region. Our 2 countries are united by a strong bond, rich and dynamic bilateral relations and a convergent agenda for multilateralism.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore, like many countries, has faced disruptions in its usual supply chains. France wished to respond to Singapore’s desire to facilitate the movement of essential agricultural and food products and, to this end, a joint ministerial declaration to encourage agri-food companies, importers and distributors from both countries to find opportunities for partnerships and trade collaborations, has just been formalised by Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Chan Chun Sing and France’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Mr. Didier Guillaume.

A major player in the world’s agri-food trade and heir to a rich agricultural tradition, France boasts a unique diversity of sectors (fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat-poultry/pork/beef, groceries,…) with quality products that reflect the excellence of its technological, industrial and culinary know-how. France is also very attached to protected geographical indications, which guarantee top quality products and reputation attached to the place of production. The agri-food sector, which is the country’s leading industry and makes France the first European agricultural producer, meets the growing quality and sanitary requirements of the population. France is the world’s 6th largest exporter of agricultural and agri-food products, and the world’s fourth largest exporter of processed agri-food products.

The richness of France’s agricultural production is also expressed by its variety. France produces a wide variety of dairy products, including artisanal and industrial cheeses, infant products, butter, milk powder, 40% of which is exported; with nearly 25 billion liters, cow milk production is the first French animal production by value. In terms of livestock, the cattle herd is close to 20 million animals and consists of a large number of breeds, producing exceptionally tasty meat. A major poultry producer, France offers a wide variety of species and varieties highly sought after by chefs because of their high quality characteristics, such as Bresse chicken, turkey, duck, guinea fowl, pigeon, etc. France also produces more than 23 million pigs a year and with 450 specialties, France is home to deli meats (sausages, ham, patés, rillettes), reflecting terroirs and know-how. France has a large production of aquaculture in volume and value, including shellfish (oysters, mussels, clams, shellfish). Fruit production is particularly diverse, with more than a hundred different crops; apples, melons, peaches and nectarines, plums and prunes, being among the main production. Vegetable production reaches 5.5 million tons with potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and onions as the main production. Finally, France is also renowned for its processed products, with baked goods, pastries, cooked dishes and of course its wines and liquors.

Many French agricultural sectors are enthusiastic and proud to establish new agri-food exchanges with Singapore, to contribute to its food supply, and to develop long-term opportunities for partnerships and commercial collaborations.

This joint declaration, officially adopted today by Singapore and France, will enable us to establish a special relationship between our two countries in this sector, to send a strong message of partnership between our companies and to create lasting exchanges of agri-food goods.

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