2018 France-Singapore Year of Innovation (16 February 2018)


The objectives of the 2018 France-Singapore Year of Innovation are to intensify bilateral cooperation, set up events and activities in France and Singapore in certain priority sectors (e.g., sustainable cities, Fintech, aerospace), and create the ideal conditions for major cooperation after 2018.

Several events will punctuate the year, including:

  • In Singapore: the Global Young Scientist Summit in January, the Singapore Airshow in February, the Startup Weekend Hackathon in June, and the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology in September.
  • In France: a seminar in Lyon on methods of teaching mathematics in Singapore in March, the Viva Technology Forum in May, BPIFrance Inno Generation in October.

In the video below, Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France in Singapore, and Zainal Mantaha, Ambassador of Singapore in France present this initiative.

For more information, visit the website of the French Embassy in Singapore.