Lebanon – Formation of a new government (23 January 2020)


A new Lebanese government has been formed; its primary role will be to respond to the economic, social and political expectations expressed by the Lebanese people since October 17 and to address the major crisis affecting Lebanon.

The difficult situation in Lebanon requires its new government to take, as a matter of priority, the necessary measures to restore trust. As the Lebanon’s partners underscored during the meeting of the International Support Group (ISG) in Paris on December 11, 2019, far-reaching and ambitious reforms will be necessary, notably with respect to transparency in the economy, economic and financial sustainability, the fight against corruption and the independence of the judiciary. In order to be effective, this government must ensure the commitment of all stakeholders concerned and work in a spirit of responsibility. The time has come for all Lebanese leaders to take collective action in the general interest of all Lebanese people.

On this basis, France stands ready to support the Lebanese authorities in their efforts to implement the necessary reforms and will make every effort to help Lebanon resolve its crisis. It reaffirms its attachment to the sovereignty, stability and security of Lebanon, which must be disassociated from the ongoing crises in a context of strong regional tensions. France – as it always has done – stands alongside the Lebanese people.