Iraq – First step toward the opening of a French Consulate General in Mosul (31 Mar. 2022)


During his visit to Iraq in late August 2021, President Macron announced the upcoming opening of a French Consulate General that would serve Mosul and its region. In agreement with the Iraqi authorities, a significant step has just been taken with the establishment of a legal framework providing for the opening of that new Consulate.

Beginning in June 2022, the Consulate’s staff, which will initially be based in Baghdad, will make regular trips to Mosul before moving there permanently in 2023.

The upcoming return of a French Consulate General to Mosul is an important milestone in our historic and strategic partnership with Iraq. It reflects our commitment to Mosul, which has had a continuous French presence for several centuries, particularly via a Consulate that stood from 1828 to 1956, and by our mobilization alongside Iraqi armed forces to liberate the city from Daesh in 2017.

Under the authority of the French Ambassador to Iraq, the Consulate General will directly coordinate France’s efforts on the ground in the areas of humanitarian assistance and stabilization, culture, education and research. It will also work to strengthen our economic and trade relations and ties with civil society in the governorate of Nineveh.