Iran – Launch of a military satellite by Iran (22 Apr. 2020)


Iran claims to have launched a military satellite into orbit. France strongly condemns this launch which is not in conformity with UNSCR 2231.

Given that the technology used for space launches is very similar to that used for ballistic missile launches, this launch directly contributes to the extremely troubling progress made by Iran in its ballistic missile program. The role played by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Aerospace Force, an entity subject to EU sanctions, in this launch reflects the close link between these two programs.

Iran’s ballistic missile program is of major concern for regional and international security. It contributes to the destabilization of the region and to mounting tensions.

We call on Iran to immediately halt any activity related to the development of ballistic missiles designed to be able to carry nuclear weapons, including space launch vehicles, and to comply with its obligations under all relevant UN Security Council resolutions.