Franco-German Day and the entry into force of the Treaty of Aachen (22 January 2020)


On this 22 January 2002, the Treaty on Franco-German Cooperation and Integration of Aachen entered into force, one year after it was signed by the President of the French Republic and the German Federal Chancellor, and 57 years to the day after the Élysée Treaty, which marked France and Germany’s historic reconciliation, was signed by General de Gaulle and Federal Chancellor Adenauer.

This morning, Germany’s Ambassador in Paris came to deposit the German ratification instrument of the Treaty of Aachen with the Secretary-General of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. As France has already done the same, this now marks the entry into force of this Treaty reaffirming the friendship between our two countries. The Treaty provides for enhanced cooperation, genuine convergence in all areas, and a joint commitment to the construction of a united, democratic and sovereign Europe.

In keeping with the priority given to cross-border cooperation by this new Treaty, Ms Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of State for European Affairs, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, inaugurated in Hambach today with her German counterpart, the Franco-German Cross-border Cooperation Committee provided for in the Treaty. It will work to provide tangible solutions to the problems people living in cross-border regions face in their daily lives regarding transport, employment and development.

Across the globe, French and German embassies are taking various joint initiatives to enhance our cooperation to the benefit of our citizens and our shared values.