China – Middle East - Q&A from the press briefing (26 March 2021)


Q : During his visit to the Middle East, the Chinese foreign minister offered to host a multilateral conference on security in the Persian Gulf and host direct negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli representatives in China. What does France think of this initiative?

R : France is committed to de-escalating tensions and to security in the Gulf, both diplomatically and through the presence of our forces. They play a vital role in our partnerships with the countries in the region, as do such European initiatives as the EMASoH surveillance operation. We maintain an in-depth dialogue on national security issues with China, especially within the UN Security Council, of which both our countries are permanent members, and in our discussions with the E3, Russia and China – and of course, with our partners in the region.

France aims to contribute to a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in keeping with international law and the agreed upon parameters, and will closely examine all proposals that foster the goal of resuming dialogue. It is in this spirit that it is currently mobilizing its efforts with Germany, Egypt and Jordan.