France and Macao


Bilateral relations

France is Macao’s fourth-largest supplier of goods (6.7% of import market share in 2015, just behind continental China, Hong Kong and Switzerland. The French community is estimated at 300 members, and there has been a marked increase in the number of French companies there in recent years, leading to the creation in 2009 of the French Macau Chamber of Commerce (FMCC) which is now one of the most active foreign chambers of commerce in Macao. At least sixty French companies are present in the field of water management and electricity (Suez), construction (Dragages/Bouygues), the environment (Veolia), hotels (Accor/Sofitel), advertising (JC Decaux), airline catering (Servair) and the agri-food industry (several SMEs). Macao’s shift towards luxury tourism has also enabled many French luxury stores to open.

In 2015, trade relations between France and Macao saw a €625 million trade surplus for France. French exports to Macao, which total €630 million, mainly consist of agri-food products (25% of French exports, the vast majority of which is wines and spirits), leather goods/luggage (17%), perfumes and cosmetics (15%) and jewellery (15%).

In the last 10 years, several agreements have been signed in the field of air transport (2006), administrative cooperation (with the French National School for the Judiciary – ENM), culture (cooperation projects and exhibitions with French museums, including the Louvre). For the past six years, Hong Kong’s “French May” cultural festival has also been held in Macao. The teaching of French is growing fast, as shown by the success of the Alliance Française branch in Macao (over 500 learners per year both within the Alliance and in Macao’s universities and training centres) and the strong demand for French in secondary education, at the University and at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies.

Updated: June 2018