Afghanistan – Launch of inter-Afghan peace negotiations (12 September 2020)


Inter-Afghan peace negotiations opened in Doha today.

The Afghan peace process must respond to the need to ensure justice for the victims of the conflict and terrorism.

France will pay close attention to ensuring that this process is inclusive, includes the effective participation of women, guarantees republican institutions, and safeguards the democratic and human rights gains made since 2001. The Council of the European Union of May 29, 2020, reaffirmed that the EU’s political and financial support for Afghanistan would notably be contingent upon compliance with these key principles.

As provided for in UNSCR 2532, an immediate humanitarian ceasefire is essential, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The protection of civilian populations, especially women and children, as well as medical personnel and humanitarian workers, must be an absolute priority.

France stands ready to support the peace process at the request of the parties. It intends to continue its commitment, alongside its Afghan and international partners, to the security of the Afghan people and to Afghanistan’s economic and social development.