Higher Education Programs

French higher education covers all aspects of knowledge.

France offers all students:

  • Higher education in all fields and at all levels;
  • An exceptional network of 400 higher education institutions and research centers of international renown;
  • Curricula adapted to each professional objective;
  • A public system that guarantees the quality of internationally recognized training and diplomas;
  • An learning environment - at the crossroads of the European Union - that provides the opportunity for cultural exchange;
  • Training funded, in part by the French State.

French higher education is comprised of 4 types of training:

  • University training;
  • The preparatory classes for the grandes écoles;
  • Specialized schools;
  • Sections for senior technicians. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required for graduate studies.

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Choosing a program

Campus France, an agency under the supervision of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education, can assist you in choosing a suitable and recognized program for your study project.

Please consult the training catalogs on the website of Campus France to find the program that is right for you.