Fighting impunity


Mass atrocities have been discovered in Ukrainian territory in areas previously occupied by Russian forces, in the city of Bucha in particular.

France is determined to work with Ukrainians, international partners and international courts to ensure these acts, which may constitute war crimes, do not go unpunished. The French Ministry of the Interior has sent a technical team to support Ukrainian authorities with their expertise in identification and evidence gathering. In agreement with the Ukrainian authorities, the team will also be able to contribute to the International Criminal Court’s investigation.

France has made an additional contribution of €500,000 to the ICC and seconded 2 judges and 10 investigators to it. Lastly, on 14 July 2022, the Ministry’s CDCS provided the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office with a mobile laboratory for fast DNA analysis in order to support victim identification and collection of evidence.

A ministerial meeting of the United Nations Security Council was organized by France during its Presidency to discuss the fight against impunity.