Ukraine - Q&A from the press briefing (28 April 2021)


Q : President Zelensky of Ukraine said that another format could be created alongside the Normandy Format that includes the participation of concerned countries to resolve the conflict in the Donbas region. Would France support the idea of a new format?

A: France and Germany are resolutely pursuing their efforts within the Normandy Format to fully implement the Minsk Agreement which is the agreed upon basis for a just and lasting resolution to the Donbas conflict.

We maintain a regular dialogue on this subject with our partners, who support the French-German efforts within the Normandy Format. We remain convinced that it is the most effective way of moving forward, as it has been in the past.

On April 12, the G7 foreign ministers underscored their deep appreciation for these French-German efforts and the Normandy Format in guaranteeing the full implementation of the Minsk Agreement.