Ukraine - Q&A from the press briefing (15 Feb. 2022)


Q: With regard to Ukraine, do we have any idea how many French citizens might still be in Ukraine, and how many would like to leave the country and have contacted the consulate? Is the consulate in Kiev still operational?

A: The number of French nationals in a foreign country at any given time is always approximate. It includes the French nationals who live in the country and those who are passing through. Those who have been living in the country for more than six months can approach the consulate on a voluntary, individual basis and ask to be registered there. Currently, about a thousand French nationals are registered with the consulate in Ukraine.

We continue to monitor the situation with the utmost attention. We are coordinating closely with all our partners, especially the Europeans. As our ambassador to Ukraine reiterated in his letter to French nationals living in that country, we stand ready to deal with any scenario, should the situation deteriorate. The security of our communities abroad is a priority.