Ukraine - Q&A - (14 september 2022)


President Zelensky’s office published a draft agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine yesterday. It is believed that the signatories would conclude a joint strategic partnership agreement between Ukraine and the guarantor nations. According to this document, that group of countries could include the U.S., the UK, Canada, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Australia and Turkey, as well as the countries of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. Would France be prepared to sign such a document and commit to serving as a guarantor of Ukrainian security?

France is prepared to engage in discussions with its partners on the security guarantees we could extend to Ukraine. France has already made a long-term commitment to Ukraine that includes supplying defensive training and equipment. Some of the proposals formulated by the expert group headed by Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Yermak are helpful in this regard.