Ukraine – New Russian strikes (14 December 2022)


France utterly condemns this morning’s new wave of Russian bombardments targeting civilian infrastructure in Kyiv. These new and unacceptable attacks, committed largely using drones supplied by Iran, are clearly further war crimes for which Russia will have to be held accountable.

With the international community having met in Paris yesterday, at a conference that raised more than €1 billion of donations focusing on emergency aid for the Ukrainian population, we reiterate our strongest condemnation of this strategy of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure. Ukraine will be able to count on our unshakeable support and solidarity, for as long as it takes.

Russia’s reckless action and overt increase in atrocities in no way weaken France’s determination to support Ukraine and combat impunity. It will remain mobilized to ensure that every violation of international law and every war crime can be prosecuted so that their perpetrators are held accountable. France therefore supports the investigations being carried out by the Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court, including through the support of specialized investigators.