Ukraine – Massive new Russian missile strikes (9 March 2023)


France condemns in the strongest possible terms the new severe missile strikes carried out by Russia last night in numerous regions of Ukraine, leaving civilian casualties, according to initial reports by the Ukrainian authorities.

These strikes have once again deliberately targeted residential buildings and civilian infrastructure, namely energy infrastructure. France was troubled by news that the Zaporizhzhia plant had been cut off from the Ukrainian power grid once again as a result of these strikes. This kind of systematic targeting highlights Russia’s clear desire to continue escalating its war of aggression in Ukraine, which was once again condemned by an overwhelming majority of the international community at the UN General Assembly on February 23.

These unacceptable acts constitute war crimes and cannot go unpunished. They create an unacceptable risk for nuclear security and safety in Ukraine. France will continue to stand by the Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court in combating impunity for such crimes. It will also continue its military and civilian support in order to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience for as long as necessary. France will continue to back the IAEA’s work in support of nuclear security and safety in Ukraine and, in particular, the efforts of its Director General to establish a security protection zone around the Zaporizhzhia plant, with due respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty.