Ukraine - France utterly condemns Russian attacks against grain silos in Ukraine (August 16, 2023)


France utterly condemns last night’s Russian drone attacks against grain silos at a Danube port in the Odesa region.

These strikes, which damaged grain silos, deliberately targeted infrastructure that is vital to global food security. Russia is once again violating international law with these latest attacks. Russia continues to impede grain exports, endanger shipping in the Black Sea, and engage in its despicable blackmail of global food security. The Black Sea Grain Initiative suspended by Russia on July 17 had made it possible to ship more than 33 million tons of grain to 45 countries, particularly to the most vulnerable countries in Asia and Africa.

In response to Russia’s cynical manipulation of food security, France and its European partners have chosen the path of responsibility and international solidarity. Nationally, France has mobilized more than €840 million for food aid over the past year; that figure includes nearly €250 million in emergency aid to help the most affected populations. We are contributing to the “solidarity lanes” established by the EU, which have made it possible to export more than 60% of Ukraine’s grain by road, rail and river.

France will also continue its support for Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court in order to combat impunity for the crimes committed by Russia.