Ukraine – Exceptional assistance from France to bolster food security for the Ukrainian people (17 Jun. 2022)


In light of the Russian invasion’s disastrous impact on Ukraine’s food security, France has taken action since the beginning of the conflict.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has launched a new solidarity operation with the Ministry for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty; this operation will enable the Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry to help the country’s farmers.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Center delivered 31 tons of field crop seeds to meet the needs of the Ukrainian people. The shipment includes several different types of seeds: beet, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, chives, cucumber, zucchini and tomato, among others – enough to plant 23,475 acres of farmland and vegetable gardens and harvest up to 260,000 tons of food.

They were donated by French companies specializing in the production and distribution of quality seed, including Graines Voltz, Cérience, L’Agronome Semencier and Limagrain. These donations, made in response to requests from the Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry, will mainly benefit rural populations located in areas affected by the war.

Between April and May 2022, France also shipped nearly 600 tons of potato plants donated by producers from the French Federation of Seed Potato Growers this past May, distributing them directly to Ukrainian farmers; the purpose of this donation was to bolster the country’s food security through aid to the agricultural sector.

As the EU’s leading agricultural producer, France feels particular solidarity with Ukraine, whose farmers are dealing with the war’s devastating effects, especially on agricultural production. France is doing all it can to provide support for Ukraine and to help its farmers continue planting and harvesting in order to ensure food security for the country and their customers.