Ukraine – Condemnation of the Russian strikes (23 January 2024)


France condemns in the strongest possible terms the massive Russian missile strikes on Ukraine, which left at least five people dead and around 60 others injured in the city of Kyiv and the surrounding region, in addition to the cities of Dnipro and Kharkiv. Russia continues to do everything it can to try to weaken the resilience of the Ukrainian people during the second winter of the conflict. By once again deliberately targeting Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, Russia is guilty of committing war crimes and is alone in bearing responsibility for the escalation.

As was stated by Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Stéphane Séjourné, who traveled to Ukraine shortly after assuming his new position, we cannot let Russia win this war. Therefore, France will continue working in close coordination with its partners to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to ensure its legitimate defense.

Regarding the military situation, France will supply roughly 40 more long-range SCALP missiles, as well as several hundred AASM air-launched bombs and munitions, which will be delivered soon. As part of the Artillery for Ukraine coalition co-chaired by France and the United States, partner countries are working to provide Ukraine with the capabilities it needs in this key area to defend its territory, and will help build the Ukrainian army of the future.