Ukraine – Condemnation of Russian strikes targeting Odesa (July 24, 2023)


France utterly condemns the latest round of Russian missile and drone strikes in the Odesa region, which have left several dead and wounded, led to the destruction of a grain hangar and damaged the Transfiguration Cathedral.

By deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure and sites within a city that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site this past January, Russia is committing a double violation of international humanitarian law.

The Minister visited Odesa in January, the very day that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to express France’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and the preservation of its extraordinary heritage.

After jeopardizing the Black Sea Grain Initiative and withdrawing from the agreement concluded under the auspices of the UN, Russia is once again intentionally increasing global food insecurity by striking port and agricultural infrastructures that are vital to supplying the most vulnerable countries.

France will continue to assist populations affected by this food blackmail in order to mitigate the consequences of the Russian aggression. It will also continue its support for the Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court to combat impunity for the crimes committed by Russia. And it will continue to assist Ukraine with rebuilding and preserving its heritage.