Support for Ukraine: Communiqué by France on the secure video conference between foreign and defence ministers on 7 March 2024 (7 March 2024)


M. Stéphane Séjourné, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and M. Sébastien Lecornu, Minister for the Armed Forces, today brought together their counterparts or representatives from 28 countries, including Ukraine, and representatives of NATO and the European Union, to further develop the efforts made at the Ukraine support conference held in Paris on 26 February at the level of heads of State and government.

Faced with the growing aggressiveness of the Russian stance in Ukraine and against Europe, and with flagrant violations of United Nations principles, the conference provided an opportunity to reaffirm the unshakeable collective determination to help Ukraine defend its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity in the long term. Several initiatives to strengthen and broaden the shared commitment to support Ukraine were studied in depth. This effort will be continued in order to support Ukraine’s legitimate fight for its freedom and independence, in full respect for the United Nations Charter.