The Peace Gallery


Called simply Galerie, then Galerie des Fêtes, and finally Galerie de la Paix, this leads into the garden, the Grande Salle à Manger and Salon de la Rotonde, extending beyond the Salon de l’Horloge from which it is divided by three bays with surroundings painted by Nolau and Rubé.


The same artists also decorated the ceiling cove: in the middle of each long side, in a gold-embellished cartouche, there is a head of Apollo and trophies of musical instruments; on either side you will notice a faun’s head motif in colour; the medallions in the corners are decorated with vases of flowers; the imperial symbol originally painted in the middle of the short sides has now gone. The pilasters at regular intervals along the walls are surmounted by griffins. The pilasters, capitals and friezes were executed by Liénard who also made the overmantel and the frames of the mirrors above the consoles.

Liénard was also responsible for the decoration over the door leading to the Salon de la Rotonde. This is the only remaining example of the six original overdoors (three in the Salon de la Rotonde and two in the Minister’s office). It consists of an oval cartouche decked with garlands of fruits and surmounted by a small voluted pediment with a vase; two child musicians are seated on either side of the cartouche.


Hippolyte Adam painted the cartouches over the doors leading to the dining room.

On the mantelpiece are two torchères forming a surrounding for a clock by Marquis representing Music.