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Reference book: L’héritage européen de Robert Schuman

L’Héritage européen de Robert Schuman: du fédéralisme à la souveraineté (The European Legacy of Robert Schuman: From Federalism to Sovereignty)

Georges-Henri Soutou (ed.)
Jointly published by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Committee for Historical and Scientific Works (CTHS), 2020

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Robert Schuman (1886-1963) was one of the most important statesmen of post-war France. he was head of government and then Foreign Minister, marking his era through his decisive role in driving Franco-German reconciliation and European integration. For the 70th anniversary of the 9 May 1950 Schuman Declaration, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs released the 2020 reprint of the work L’héritage européen de Robert Schuman : du fédéralisme à la souveraineté, presenting the latest historical reflection on Robert Schuman’s contribution to the creation and development of the European communities, which have now become the European Union. The book draws on the French Diplomatic Archives and seeks to help a wide audience better understand the contribution of this eminent figure of the French Fourth Republic to the European project. Europe’s integration illustrates long-term diplomatic commitment: with the European Coal and Steel Community, the major supranational integration projects of the 1950s prepared the ground for the debates on European sovereignty that have emerged within the European Union.

This tribute to Robert Schuman and the European ideal he inspired sheds light on the progress made. It invites each citizen to play their full role in the European project.

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