The Crisis and Support Centre


The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Centre is active 24/7 and responds to crisis situations abroad that affect French citizens or within the framework of a humanitarian crisis. It is also responsible for pre-crisis work (anticipation, preparation, monitoring, warnings) and post-crisis stabilization.

The creation of the Crisis and Support Centre in 2008 responded to an increasingly instable global context with an increasing number of crises with more and more French nationals living and traveling abroad. The State’s ability to respond to crisis situations is a key component of France’s foreign policy.

Since November 2015, the Crisis and Support Centre has also been in charge of the Interministerial Support Unit for Victims (CIAV), which is activated in the event of a terrorist attack on French territory.

The organization of the CDCS allows it to be reactive as early as possible – before the crisis given its capacity to anticipate, monitor and analyze risks and threats. In the aftermath of a crisis, the Crisis and Support Center accompanies fragile countries.

To carry out crisis management, the CDCS coordinates all State resources and mobilizes public and private partnerships.

The Crisis and Support Center accompanies French nationals in their travels abroad and provides them with two tools that must be security reflexes before any departure outside France: Travel Advisory and the Ariane Service.

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For those who have witnessed or helped in the creation and evolution of the Crisis and Support Centre, these past ten years have above all been a truly human adventure.

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Presentation of the CDCS: "Emergency Diplomacy" brochure

Updated: October 2016