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Agencies under the Ministry’s supervision

In 2008, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched a reform process based on the objectives set under the General Review of Public Policies process and the White Paper on France’s Foreign and European Policy, published in July 2008.

This reform increased the clarity and efficiency of French soft diplomacy:

  • the coordination and strategy-setting role of the Ministry’s central administration was confirmed (creation of the Directorate-General of Global Affairs, Development and Partnerships in March 2009);
  • policy implementation was assigned to agencies.

What is a State agency?

To be described as a State agency, a legal person, whatever its legal status, must:

  • perform a public service activity that is explicitly linked to the implementation of a policy defined by the State;
  • receive most of its funding from the State, either directly via subsidies or indirectly via allocated resources, especially tax revenues;
  • be directly supervised by the State. Rather than being limited to economic or financial matters, this supervision must extend to guiding strategic decisions, which may or may not mean involvement in the board of directors.

Overview of agencies of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

View the transcript of the infographic "Panorama of the agencies of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs" (PDF - 87 Ko)

The MEAE supervises 12 establishments, independently or alongside other government departments. These agencies work in various strategic areas covered by the MEAE:

Updated: October 2022