Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA)


Every year, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs invites some 75 promising young leaders from around the world to France under the Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA).

Created in 1989 and run by the Strategy, Analysis and Policy Planning Centre of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA) gives these future leaders from the political world and civil society the opportunity to spend time in France to hold high-level meetings relating to their activities.

Over 2,000 participants from 159 countries

The participants are young leaders (aged 25 to 45) from around the world at the start of their careers who want to learn more about France and are likely to hold influential positions in their countries, whether in relation to France or not. They can be elected representatives, political leaders, senior civil servants, representatives from the economic arena, academics or members of civil society.

Since the programme was launched, over 2,000 people from 159 different countries have taken part, including 30 people working for international or regional organizations. In addition to broad representation from continents, each year the programme sets priority regions and themes based on ongoing global events. Strict gender parity has also been in place for several years.

Creating special ties with France

Far from stereotypes and clichés, the programme seeks to provide these future leaders with an in-depth knowledge of France, based on high-level professional contacts relating to their activities and areas of interest. It also aims to create special ties with France.

Based on themes suggested by each participant (institutions, political life, international relations, economic and social issues, etc.), a tailored programme of study and meetings is organized. This is a week-long programme comprising diverse meetings and field visits, both in Paris and beyond.

Group programmes
In 2004, the US Congress Staffers programme began, with a 6-8 person delegation taking part each year. In 2018, a group invitation was launched on the theme of women’s rights and gender equality, annually convening about a dozen women and men from a specific region (so far, North Africa/Middle East and Latin America have been involved).

An influential network abroad

PIPA is implemented by the Office for the Future Leaders Invitation Programme at the Strategy, Analysis and Policy Planning Centre of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with diplomatic and consular posts. These posts liaise with participants throughout the process, from the initial invitation to feedback upon their return, and monitor the progress of their careers. These special ties are maintained via the creation of networks for programme participants.

Hina Lotia, Director Programmes at LEAD Pakistan, was the 2000th PIPA participant (English subtitles are available):

Updated: January 2021