Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA)


Each year, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs invites some 75 promising foreign leaders as part of the Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA).

What is the Future Leaders Invitation Programme?

PIPA was created in 1989 and is run by the Strategy, Analysis and Policy Planning Centre (CAPS) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. It offers future leaders from civil society or politics the opportunity to meet high-level figures relevant to their activities and interests. Since the beginning of the programme, more than 2,000 people from 159 different countries have taken part. Strict gender parity has been respected in recent years.

PIPA visits may be organized for individuals or groups, but the principle is always the same: a totally personalized study visit, based on themes suggested by the participants and lasting a whole week. They can include diverse meetings and field visits, both in and out of Paris. The aim is to show them every aspect of France, far from received ideas, including in the cultural sphere. PIPA participants discover what makes France special.

At the same time, the special ties that are created during the visit are maintained through the creation of networks.

Hina Lotia, Director Programmes at LEAD Pakistan, was the 2000th PIPA participant:
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Updated: June 2019