Vital diplomatic work conducted from France


Although the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is working on all continents with the world’s third largest diplomatic network, some services are based in France. This is where a number of crucial activities for the smooth running of the Ministry are conducted.

Support services are provided by:

• Human resources that recruit, train, motivate and develop the loyalty of women and men who put their skills and experience to work for the Ministry. The Human Resources Directorate is also in charge of managing appointments, a huge task for a ministry in which people change posts often;
• The Directorate-General for Administration and Modernization, Information Systems Projects Department, Press and Communication Directorate, Legal Affairs Directorate, State Protocol and Diplomatic Events Directorate, Archives Directorate, etc.;
• The Language Training Centre (CFL).

Security and administrative services for French nationals abroad are provided by:

A third group of services are at the very heart of the Foreign Affairs mission. The geographic and theme-based directorates bring together all of the Ministry staff’s expertise and provide in-depth knowledge on a wide range of issues. They include:
Geographic directorates (European Union; Continental Europe; Africa and Indian Ocean; North Africa and the Middle East; Americas and the Caribbean; Asia and Oceania) as well as theme-based directorates (Global Affairs, Culture, Education and International Development; Political and Security Affairs, etc.);

Strategy, Analysis and Policy Planning Centre

Last update Nov 2021