Post-2015 Agenda on development : French position paper prepared with civil society


This document presents the French position on the post-2015 development agenda. This contribution is the result of an intense work with civil society initiated during the “National Conference on development and International Solidarity”. Over sixty French NGOs participated into this broad consultation that allowed a thorough dialogue between civil society and government. The richness of this document reflects this exemplary process.

The definition of the Post-2015 development agenda is a top priority for France. The challenge is huge: to define common goals that will guarantee a life of dignity for 9 billion people on a planet with limited resources and accelerated climate change. These two challenges cannot be separated anymore. We need to integrate sustainability imperatives in order to succeed in the fight against poverty and vice versa. There will be no progress in the field of food security and the fight against infant mortality if we fail to limit global warming that threatens agricultural production in many developing countries. That is why France considers the convergence of the revision of the Millennium Development Goals and the definition of Sustainable development goals in a single agenda in 2015 as the basis for reflection.