Legislative elections – Q&A – (02 Jun 22)


Q – Many French nationals abroad have complained that they were unable to vote because of Internet problems, what would you like to say to them?

A - When the Internet voting portal closed at 12:00 (Central European Time), 250,566 voters had voted on line, representing 21.62% of voters registered on the consular electoral roll having entered a mobile telephone number and email address on the French foreign register or at their consulate, and 17.34% of the global electoral roll.

For a few hours during the night of 31 May-1 June, the Internet link was down, which interrupted access to all the applications of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, including the Internet voting portal. This interruption was immediately noted and addressed by our services and the link was rapidly re-established. In addition, our voting nationals abroad were all individually informed by email yesterday morning that the voting portal was working again.

Our nationals abroad who did not vote online can still vote in person at a voting location or by proxy. Voters can visit the page on legislative elections on our website (https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/services-aux-francais/voter-a-l-etranger/elections-legislatives-2022/, in French) which provides all the necessary voting information for nationals abroad.