The 6th edition of Goût de/Good France is bringing French gastronomy to all five continents.


After a 2020 that was marked by an unprecedented public health crisis, the worldwide celebration of French gastronomy, Goût de/Good France, is back for its sixth edition from 14 to 20 October 2021.

Launched by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Chef Alain Ducasse in 2015, Goût de/Good France has become a major gastronomic event. Once again, it will promote France throughout the world by combining the touristic appeal of its rich produce (one in three tourists say that they come to France to sample its food and wines) with the export of its products which are emblems of French culinary heritage.

This year, a dinner à la française will again be held in the embassies and consulates of more than 150 countries and in several thousand restaurants throughout the world.

Sharing, exchanges and conviviality organized around French gastronomy

This major highlight in the French gastronomic calendar, promoted by French embassies throughout the world, is organized around two pillars:

  • Gastronomic gatherings and initiatives organized by the embassies and consulates: receptions, photo exhibitions on French gastronomy, film screenings, master classes with local chefs, invitations of French chefs, French product tastings, initiatives in culinary schools and also taste education visits to local schools by the heads of embassies will be at the heart of the programme.
  • French restaurants participating in a Goût de/Good France dinner on a voluntary basis.

Boosting France as a destination for tourism as well as its restaurants and products

The Goût de/Good France 2021 event also aims to strengthen France’s appeal as the world’s leading tourist destination and promote the export of French produce.

Both of these sectors were severely impacted by the public health crisis. Goût de/Good France 2021 is therefore a crucial event for restaurants, regions and producers from both the food and the wine and spirits sectors, as it provides them the opportunity for promotion both locally and abroad.

Close to 150 embassies and more than 3,000 restaurants throughout the world will uphold the colours and values dear to our gastronomy: sustainable, sensible and seasonal cuisine that respects producers and showcases the talent of the chef.

6th edition: Spotlight on Centre-Val de Loire

The Centre-Val de Loire region will be featured in 2021 in a series of events in France and abroad.

In many ways, the gastronomy of Centre-Val de Loire epitomizes the French art de vivre. Located in Tours, Centre-Val de Loire, the European Institute of History and Cultures of Food was at the heart of the initiative to inscribe the “Gastronomic meal of the French”on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This special relationship with regional products and gastronomy that is intrinsic to the landscape of the Loire Valley and of France, is what the region intends to showcase to the world during the Goût de/Good France events.

An ambassador promoting all things local: Christophe Hay

Christophe Hay, the chef of the restaurant La Maison d’à côté in Montlivault, Loir-et-Cher, will be the Goût de/Good France ambassador in Centre-Val de Loire. Trained under Paul Bocuse, he brought the pride of French cuisine to the United States for five years. Today, he is reinventing cuisine that is centred around regional, seasonal products and that prioritizes local producers.

Interview with Christophe Hay in French with English subtitles

The “Gastronomic meal of the French”, UNESCO intangible cultural heritage since 2010

This sixth edition of Goût de/Good France will coincide with the eleventh anniversary of the inscription of the “Gastronomic meal of the French” on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

This edition is the opportunity for Goût de/Good France to once again bring people together to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking and to unite as many people as possible around values such as the pleasure of taste, sharing and conviviality.

Sustainable gastronomy

In order to strengthen its commitment to global environmental action, and in line with COP21 and the French National Food Conference (États Généraux de l’Alimentation) initiatives, Goût de/Good France upholds the responsible use of global resources and is committed to sustainable cuisine.

In terms of health, the environment, the economy, energy, culture and education, the restaurant community at large should now more than ever shoulder new responsibilities to adopt a virtuous, sustainable and environmentally responsible way of working.

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