The Ministry’s actions to promote tourism

Improving France’s appeal and outreach

France is the world’s leading destination with 83 million foreign visitors in 2016 (82.6 in metropolitan France and some 400,000 in overseas departments).

Tourism is a key sector of the French economy. It accounts for more than 7.3% of GDP and generates two million jobs directly or indirectly.

France ranks fifth when it comes to tourism receipts, which total more than €38.4 billion a year. The tourism sector is growing significantly worldwide and is an indicator of a healthy economy for developing and emerging countries.

To develop this strategic sector, the French Government has made tourism a priority. In July 2017, the Prime Minister convened 17 government members, elected officials and tourism professionals in an interministerial tourism council to present the Government’s road map for tourism to be headed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. An interministerial tourism council presided by the Prime Minister, and a tourism steering council, presided by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will alternately meet every three months according to a set two-year schedule.

In 2017, the French Government set the goal of 100 million international tourists and €50 billion in tourism receipts for 2020. The 2nd Interministerial Council for Tourism, which met on 19 January 2018, considerably scaled up the means devoted to the two priorities underpinning an ambitious tourism policy: promotion and investment.

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Updated: January 2018