Disarmament and Non-proliferation


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France’s activities are based on the following constant principles:

• act for a safer world;
• develop friendly relations between States;
• prevent threats to peace;
• respect the legitimate self-defence;
• refuse the arms race;
• make progress towards general and complete disarmament.

Disarmament can only be achieved by reducing or even destroying certain categories of weapons owned by a State (such weapons include chemical weapons and anti-personnel mines).

Non-proliferation aims to limit the quantity of certain categories of weapons in existence in the world (particularly weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological weapons) and to prevent new States or entities from acquiring them. It is therefore also necessary to prevent the re-emergence and re-use of the weapons categories concerned (resurgence of use of chemical weapons in recent years in Syria, for example, despite their total prohibition in the Chemical Weapons Convention).

As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and a nuclear weapons State in the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), France has special responsibilities to protect and bolster international peace and security.

Its action in the fields of countering proliferation, arms control and disarmament takes into account this dual responsibility. It supports the international organizations responsible for implementing international verification systems, and participates in confidence-building and security measures designed to ensure stability and transparency within the international community.

It takes into account the changing international security conditions and changes to the strategic context, while looking for broad international solidarity.

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Updated : October 2019